Our Mission is to stimulate appreciation for and celebrate the heritage of embroidery by advancing the highest standards of excellence on the practice through education, exhibition, preservation, collection and it's research
Catherine Haumann,

March  26 - Challenge Yourself  II- Embellish It                       by Marty Mollenhauer. 

If you can thread a needle and do some simple stitches &/or couching, YOU CAN EMBELLISH YOUR CRAZY QUILT SQUARE!.  If you don’t know any, WE CAN LEARN TOGETHER!!  Bring to this class your completed Crazy Quilt Square.  You will receive: HANDOUT of simple embroidery stitches that work well on crazy quilt seams.  Bring anything you might want to use to embellish the seams.  It could be       embroidery thread or ribbon that you will use for simple stitches on the seams. Also bring ribbons, beads, buttons or trim.  You want to bring extra to share with your friends!!.  You will bring: needle/s & thread; scissors & your sense of fun and creativity.  Every square will be the same and very different!!                                  
Cost:  NO ADDITIONAL COST. Fee has been paid at the first class for both sessions.



April  30 & May 1st - Kate Festo  “A Gilded Bloom”          

We are excited to have Kate Festo, a newly Certified EGA teacher from New Canaan, CT help us celebrate our 50th Anniversary. On Tuesday April 30th, Kate will present a Goldwork Lecture to all chapter and region members. Following lunch, Kate will start a 1 1/2 day workshop, The Gilded Bloom A Gilded Bloom is a study in silk and metal thread embroidery. Approximately 3.5” x 4”,this piece is stitched on silk faced satin, using a variety of silk & metal thread embroidery techniques. Students will learn to handle silk threads, attach padding materials and stitch with gold threads as they work this design. Students will gain understanding of the textural uses of silk and gold threads, and other materials to inspire them to continue us-ing the unique threads and materials of this technique in the future. Goals: *To introduce or continue practice of silk and metal thread embroidery techniques, * To strengthen understanding of use and process for attaching different paddings, * To encourage confidence in practicing this form of embroidery., * To gain knowledge in the textural uses of metal thread embroidery. Stitches: The stitches and techniques include attaching felt and string padding, attaching gold kid leather, satin stitching purl threads, couching pairs of Japan #5 threads, couching pearl purl, chipping check purl. In-structions include: list of all required materials, illustrated instructions, a color image and schematic page. Kit includes: silk foundation fabric, cotton backing, gold colored felt, gold kid leather, couching thread, gilt Japan #5 thread, gilt smooth purl, gilt pearl purl sizes super and #2. Student Supply List: 9” x 9” stretcher bars, Thumb tacks, Craft scissors, (to cut fabric or paper) Thread cutting scissors, Metal Thread cutting scis-sors Thimble – must!!,.Tweezers, Chipping mat or box, Table frame Clamp or Frame Weight Beeswax – DO NOT SUBSTITUTE Lighting and Magnification as required Your usual stitching supplies Please note, Lucille Carter applied for and received a $400.00 grant from the Region to keep the cost of this workshop to just the kit cost - Thanks you Lucille. Cost $85.00. Deadline for CWJ members is January 29, 2018. Class opens up to MAR members on January 30, 2019 and the deadline for Region members to sign-up is Feb-ruary 8, 2019. Cost for region members is also $85.00.________________________________________________________________________  



            May 28 - Bargello Opportunity Box  - Come and enjoy a relaxing meeting while Historian Betty Jane Weimer presents a program on Bargello.  She will give an overview on the history of Bargello and show all of the “goodies” provided in the           Opportunity Box from National.  As this is sure to rouse your interest in Bargello, Marilyn Prado will teach the EGA Petite Project “Purple Mountain Majesty Tin Topper” in August.  You can check it out on EGA’s website.  See page 4 for for the web       addresses for National EGA, our Chapter & the Region.  Details & coupon will be in the May newsletter.
No fee, no sign-up, no supply list; just come out, enjoy the day and learn about Bargello,    




June 25 - 50th Anniversary Celebration at Carlucci’s. Waterfront Restaurant, Mt. Laurel NJ.
Come & enjoy the celebration. 

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