Our Mission is to stimulate appreciation for and celebrate the heritage of embroidery by advancing the highest standards of excellence on the practice through education, exhibition, preservation, collection and it's research
Catherine Haumann,

March 29 -ZOOM  Swedish Embroidery lecture on ZOOM by  Pat Olski.  Pat is a professional embroidery, knit, and crochet designer, writer and craft book author.  She lives in New Jersey and is a member of the Monmouth County EGA. and President of the Bergen Knitters Guild.  You can check out her beautiful
knitting, crocheting and Swedish embroidery projects at                
www.YarnWhirled.com      and    www.ravelry.com 


April  26 - Our biennial auction is a great way to support your chapter.  We are sure to have just the items you are searching for -  beads, fabric, frames, threads, kits and more.  Now all of these treasures can be yours!  And the best part you can have them for a bargain.  This is a great time to clean out your closets, go through your stash & donate the “treasure” that the next owner is looking to buy.  All proceeds helps us bring National Teachers and great     programs to our chapter.  Remember to bring your checkbook and a friend - they are sure to thank you..


May 31 - Collapsible Thread Catcher (Ort Box) by Liz Dey. 
According to Webster’s Dictionary an ort is “a small morsel left at  a meal”.  I’m not sure how this term got used for our small threads left from stitching.  Regardless a “meal of stitching” can leave snippets of threads and bits of fabrics everywhere.Our May meeting will be making a cute collapsible thread catcher that can be used at meetings or workshops, or at home to catch all the “orts”.  The thread catchers are made from a ring cut from a Pringles can and a piece of fabric. See this on line at  www.fabrictherapy.blogspot.com Liz will also show samples of other fabric boxes and ort catchers. 
Kit includes: A Pringles ring, fabric (if you choose), cardboard, batting, thread & directions. Student supplies  paper scissors (for cutting light weight cardboard), fabric scissors, sewing needle, tape measure, pen or pencil.  Optionally, if you wish to use your own cotton fabric, a fat quarter will make 3 boxes.  If you are using scraps, you will need a piece at least 8X11 and 2 (4-inch) pieces of fabric.  You will also need matching thread.   This is a beginner level class.   Sign-up deadline: April 26 meeting.
Kit Cost __Complete with fabric  $3.00.  ___Without fabric $2.00

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2022 Yearly Project


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